We are a group of individuals with a common goal and a sense of solidarity towards improving our fitness levels. Although we do conduct other forms of training activities, we are predominantly a distance running group (ranging 5 km and above). Our training sessions cater for everyone, no matter what their shape, size or fitness level is. Whether one is looking to get started on the fitness journey for the first time or is looking to push their performance to the next level, they will find our team very inspiring, motivating and positively challenging.

Although the group is growing and the diversity in fitness levels is significant, we plan our training sessions in such a way that participants are able to focus on their goals based on what they want to achieve under the auspices of team spirit. By coming together and spurring each other, we help each other to break down the numerous barriers associated with individual training. On our longer distance runs, we have pacers and support crew who give encouragement to runners and help with refreshments respectively.

We train almost every day of the week from different locations although we have taken the Arcades Shopping Centre as our main base because at least three days of our runs each week are conducted from there.

Lusaka Fitness Squad has either been involved or simply influenced the start of fitness squads in a number of towns across the country, as well as satellite fitness squads within Lusaka. We summarize ourselves as a group of individuals who run so others can run too.

We say; We Are In It Together. #WAIIT.

WHO WE engage


Every person who has taken up running for healthy living is a positive addict of achieving longer distance as well as personal best completion times hence our marathon presents a perfect opportunity to achieve both. Local clubs will be formally invited to participate in the marathon.


With the call to promote mental and healthy living among corporates, training plans for beginners have been drawn for corporate employees wishing to take part in one of the distances available. Corporate employees will be participating in the marathon alongside the regular enthusiasts already pounding the roads of the Country every morning, hence they will get the necessary motivation to stay on the fitness and healthy living journey to the ultimate benefit of the corporate sponsors.


The Fun run (any distance run between 2 to 5km) is meant to attract parents with their children wishing to start collecting medals at an early age as they inculcate healthy living while growing up. This is an interesting category as we expect many parents to come through and cheer their children as they compete with kids from other schools.


The event will be marketed internationally through our networks as well as social media. The local elite runners will have an opportunity to compete with runners from outside Zambia on their home turf.