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Lusaka Fitness Squad
Lusaka Fitness Squad
Name of Challenge: Ubuntu Run

Start: 00.01hrs Monday 1st March – 23:59hrs Sunday 7th March.

Mileage challenge. Each satellite will select a team of 6 (with a good gender mix) who will compete on their behalf, in a mileage challenge for the next 7 days. The team with the highest mileage wins the challenge.

All participating teams to submit 6 names of runners that will be part of the challenge.

Each team member must contribute a minimum of 15% of the overall team mileage.

Each team will pick a team captain who will be posting team runs on this platform on behalf of his crew.

An umpire will oversee all runs and update the leader board.

No run should go below an average pace of 9min/km

No indoor running will be permitted

Team captains are to submit runs as they happen. Runs unposted by end of day become invalid.

Each team member should have a strava account for ease of verification.

The longest mileage wins.

Team captains to inbox us the names of team members.

The winners will walk away with Absa branded runners’ T-shirts and buffs.

*Ubuntu – together we can go far.
Lusaka Fitness Squad
Lusaka Fitness Squad
A heads up for this week’s challenge, you’ll need a team of SIX.

Details at 14:00hrs.
Lusaka Fitness Squad
Lusaka Fitness Squad
So remember you guys were racing agaist some of our members who were also doing the GHOGH Challenge.

The orange column shows their mileage.

Who runs the world???
Lusaka Fitness Squad
Lusaka Fitness Squad
GHOGH Challenge.

Musa Mwilima – 150.5km;
CK Daka – 112.59km;
Thelma Kapembwa – 100.75km.
They went Hard!

42kms full marathon participants ARE OFF…… Good luck to all participating, we look forward to welcoming you back at the finish line #absamarathon #Run4Life #weareLFS

Thank you all for registering and making your payments for the Absa Marathon. We hope you’re as excited as we are for this!

Official countdown has begun..9days to go…

Below are the official prizes for the Absa marathon:

Position 1 – ZMW 15,000
Position 2 – ZMW 8,000
Position 3 – ZMW 3,000
Position 1 – ZMW 10,500
Position 2 – ZMW 4,000
Position 3 –ZMW 2,000
Position 1 – ZMW 3,000
Position 2 –ZMW 2,500
Position 3 – ZMW 2,000 https://t.co/Ppkvgcc7DM
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